WATCH: Celebrities Have Feelings Too, And They’re Hurt By Your Mean Tweets

Tweets can hurt, guys. Type wisely.

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Just because your least favorite celebrity has millions of Twitter followers doesn’t mean he or she ignores your nasty tweets. Stars have feelings too, and they just might get choked up when you shoot a mean tweet their way. We followers never get to see that visceral reaction, so Jimmy Kimmel wanted his fans to understand the pain a harshly worded 140-character message can inflict on the fragile psyche of celebrities. In his typical self-effacing style, Kimmel had celebrities read nasty tweets about themselves out loud on camera. The results are pretty hilarious and occasionally sad; a few of them may have actually been angry. (Why the awkward laugh, Matt Leblanc?)

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Kimmel varied the harshness of the tweets, leading to some with more upsetting confrontations than others. We never realized how blunt some tweeters could be — and how long-winded others are. Larry King was simply disgusted by a tweeter’s suggested that “if you skinned Larry King and ironed out his leather, you could make enough coats to give 1 to every poor child in America.” Meanwhile, poor Katy Perry seemed rather blindsided by the pure hatred emanating from the text about her new film. Then there was Zooey Deshanel who only had to read that she was “overrated” – come on, Kimmel, people have tweeted much worse. Snooki’s is kinda just confusing and…you know what? Just watch for yourself. The R.E.M. soundtrack adds a nice touch of sadness to the bit. It makes us almost feel bad for these celebs. Almost.

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