WATCH: This Giant Bird Dives 150 Feet Underwater for Food

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In what seems like a highly inefficient food procurement process, the majestic cormorant, a variety of seabird, dives to the sea floor in search of food.

Scientists with the Wildlife Conservation Society and the National Research Council of Argentina attached a camera to the back of a cormorant to track its dietary regimen. After it reaches the bottom of the sea, they follow it for nearly two minutes before it finds something suitable — 150 feet below the surface of the ocean. The birds typically eat fish and other marine life, and this cormorant is thought to have grabbed a snake-like swimmer.

The scientists were working from Punta León in Patagonia, Argentina, where more than 7,000 cormorants live. The birds are thought to lack waterproofing on their feathers, allowing them to dive to great depths without resistance. After returning to the surface, cormorants are often seen drying their wings in the sun.

If they all search for food like this, we can clearly see why humans invented delivery.

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