WATCH: Hello CorgiCam, Goodbye Productivity

The YouTube channel promises 24/7 all-Corgi all-the-time action. We have a feeling it won't disappoint.

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There’s a fever spreading through America’s cubicles, work stations, and college libraries. Symptoms include excessive cooing, sighing, watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics on repeat to catch another glimpse of the Queen and her puppies, and laughing with occasional outbursts of “Awwww.” What’s more, it’s highly contagious. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re in the midst of Corgi fever. Luckily there’s a cure: The CorgiCam.

The new YouTube channel from the Pet Collective offers a steady stream of corgi love to sate all your doggy desires 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (minus a few glitches — like much of this morning). The cam captures cuddly Welsh Corgi Brinkley with her bevy of jaw-droppingly adorable puppies doing all the things that puppies and their mamas do. Warning: Once you see the CorgiCam, all thoughts of spreadsheets, charts, graphs, and word processing fly right out of your head.

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You may think you’ve seen this before. Puppy Cam has provided us with a steady stream of puppy love since it first went live in 2008. Yes, Shiba Inu pups are adorable, too, but this year is for the corgi. There’s just something meltworthy with their stumpy legs, pointy ears and constant smiles. (In case you’re wondering, we certainly wish we’d have thought of this photo gallery first.)

If you’re concerned that being in the spotlight will stress out the balls of fluff, fear not: The channel assures viewers that Brinkley and her pups are well cared-for and that the “highest priority is concern for animal welfare.” Be sure to watch the livestream while they’re still pawing around, because according to the Pet Collective, the puppies are each expected to get adopted.

You may now resume not working and just watching corgis all day.

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