WATCH: Jeremy Lin Consoles Devastated 5-Year-Old Knicks Fan

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Sure, you were upset when the Knicks didn’t match the Rockets’ offer to Jeremy Lin, and the phenom who lifted spirits in New York for much of last season took his game to Houston. You may have cried; you may have sold your Lin No. 7 jersey on eBay; you may have even sent hate mail to Knicks’ owner James Dolan and his entire backup blues band (yes, he has one). But you were not nearly as heartbroken as 5-year-old Naim.

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Naim’s father recorded his son bemoaning the end of Linsanity with the kind of tearful earnestness only kindergarteners and Chris Crocker can muster and posted the video to YouTube. The clip of the boy wondering why the Knicks don’t like Jeremy Lin any more went viral, attracting the attention of Knicks fans and even of Lin himself. Apparently the point guard was so moved by the video that he reached out to Naim’s family offering to virtually meet via Skype.

A friend recorded the Skype exchange between the two and uploaded that video to YouTube as well. Whereas the opinionated Naim seemed very talkative in the first video, he stayed bashfully silent in the second; for most of it, the only proof he’s even watching is the tip of a ‘Linsanity’ foam finger he clutched in the first video. “I think he’s still in shock,” his mom explained to Lin.

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We have to hand it to Lin, who encouraged Naim to still cheer on the Knicks this season despite his falling out with the team during negotiations: “You need to still root for them, cause they’re gonna be a great team with or without me, all right? So you have to keep going to their games and watching them. They’ll be really good.” Very classy. He went on to invite Naim to meet him in person after the Knicks-Rockets game this winter.

Somehow, we don’t think that will quite make up for his absence from Madison Square Garden. In the original video, Naim’s father offers, “You still have [Amar’e] Stoudemire on the Knicks,” to which Naim replies, “Yeah, but I want Jeremy Lin.” So do we, Naim. So do we.

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