Zombie Cat Is Coming. No, Seriously

A new illustrated book for adults proves that animals really can become zombies. Sort of.

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Tiddles was just your friendly neighborhood cat until he was bitten by a radioactive field mouse. Now, he has been reborn as Zombie Cat, and he’s haunting bookstores starting this fall.

Zombie Cat: The Tale of a Decomposing Kitty is a new illustrated book for adults, written by Isabel Atherton, which melds two of the Internet’s unyielding obsessions: kitties and zombies, of course — into one presumably world-dominating package. The book tells the story of Tiddles’ transformation from lady-loving feline to a brain-obsessed undead animal who just wants to be loved by his human, Jake. It’s a story of self-control, friendship, and most importantly, the zombie apocalypse. What’s not to love?

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While some so-called zombie experts claim that animals cannot become members of the undead — a fact which has (so far) been reinforced on the popular AMC show, The Walking Dead — Atherton’s quirky tale says otherwise. Who are we to argue? It’s her wacky world, we’re just going to be reading about it.

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