WATCH: Make a 3-D Sculpture of Your Unborn Fetus

Looking for a unique baby shower gift? How about a 3D sculpture of the unborn person of honor?

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If you didn’t think that landing a rover on Mars was enough to prove that science is capable of amazing things, ponder this: A Japanese company now offering parents-to-be a 3D model of their unborn fetus. Now, who wants to make a splash at the next baby shower?

The technology comes courtesy of a joint venture by engineering firm Fasotec and the Hiroo Ladies Clinic in Tokyo, Japan, according to DigInfo News. To make a so-called Tenshi no Katachi – Shape Of An Angel – a 3D printer processes MRI or CT scans of an in utero fetus and, using the information it collects, crafts a realistic 3D model using a dual-resin extruder to make both the fetus and the solidified amniotic sac at the same time. The resulting sculptures would be perfect for home or office accessorizing for parents-to-be. Or, as noted by TechCrunch, you could get a cellphone fob with your baby floating inside of it.

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The frighteningly lifelike sculpture/anatomy study guide does not come cheap. Each model costs 100,000 yen (about $1,300) not including the cost of the MRI or CT scans — expenses your insurance is unlikely to cover. Fasotec, the company pioneering this field, wants to expand the range of price options and model sizes, according to an article in Live Science. The price would hopefully drop low enough for a a young mother to carry a model of her unborn fetus model on her keychain as well as in her belly. Hopefully this option will be available in time for Christmas.

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