WATCH: The Philippines’ Beat-Boxing Miss World Contestant

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We’ll say one thing for Queenierich Rehman: she can sure drop a beat.  During the talent segment of the Miss World 2012 competition, Miss Philippines strode out on stage in an evening dress and began singing — but that was only a prelude to some serious funkiness. The 23-year-old then proceded to bust out some serious beat-boxing, ’80s style, while singing and air-record scratching for good measure.

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To keep the obviously stunned crowd on its toes, Rehman mixed in an ode to Usher’s “Yeah” and Cali Swag’s “Teach Me How to Dougie.”

After her performance the show’s emcee asked her how hard the talent was and she responded that “anybody can do it,” which prompted the host to bring her into the crowd to teach her skills to the show’s music director.

Miss World 2012 will crown a winner on Aug. 18. Other contestants, consider the mic dropped.

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