Thinking Outside the Bon: Cinnabon introduces ‘Pizzabon’

Say hello to your new, cheesy little friend.

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What’s better than a gooey, icing-laced Cinnabon? Not a lot, but a pizza made with Cinnabon dough surely comes close.

Atlanta-based Cinnabon is using a bakery-cafe location in Georgia’s Cumberland Mall to test new products that include the Pizzabon, a new croissant, an apple danish, cupcakes, breakfast sandwiches and iced coffees.

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But who cares about breakfast sandwiches when there’s a palm-sized pizza available?

The Pizzabon is pretty simple: cheese, marinara sauce, and pepperoni rest atop a thick piece of cinnamon-roll-sized dough. If your mouth hasn’t already filled with saliva, read the description again.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the company is trying to keep up with changing consumer demands and a more-diverse audience than what existed when it was founded 27 years ago.

“In this day and age, it is incredibly important” to diversify, Karen Bremer, executive director of the Georgia Restaurant Association, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “If consumers are making the trip to your establishment, you want them to find everything they want in one place.

“You’ve got to innovate to satisy the demands of old customers and to create some new ones,” she said.

Brenner also told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that broadening the menu with sandwiches combats business lulls between mealtimes, attracts customers who want both savory and sweet, and uses ingredients more effectively, especially when coupling products with cinnamon flavoring (not the case with Pizzabon, fortunately or unfortunately).

Whatever the reasoning, the buzz surrounding the new ‘bon will certainly be music to Cinnabon’s ears. Until the new products expand to other locations, Cinnabon plans to give away free samples of the Pizzabon at the Cumberland Mall location from 11 am-2 pm this Saturday.

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