Adorable Clumsy Donkey Walks For First Time in Hot Pink Casts

Three-week-old Primrose may be the most 'awww'-inducing thing we've seen on the Internet this year.

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It is quite possibly the cutest sight Newsfeed has witnessed all year: a three-week-old donkey in hot-pink casts. But they’re more than just an adorable fashion accessory.

Little Primrose was born prematurely before her legs had completely developed — leaving her unable to stand or walk without doing serious damage to her knees. As the Daily Mail put it, a wonky donkey.

Until her legs become strong enough to manage on their own, the casts are designed to support Primrose’s body weight.

Kate Maxwell, a veterinary staff worker at Britain’s Bind Equine Veterinary Practice, where Primrose is being treated, told the Daily Mail that she hopes the donkey can make a full recovery within ten days. “She’s perfectly happy now, she can run around and jump,” Maxwell said.

“Even in the few days that Primrose has been with us we’ve seen a great improvement in her condition.

“She’s very sociable. There aren’t any donkeys here but she’s showing off her lovely pink casts to the other horses. She’s proved very popular with visitors and she poses for pictures.”

All together now… Awwww!