Life Imitates Madagascar: Adorable Baby Penguins Break Out of Zoo Three Times in a Row

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ABC News

It may be time to take away these penguins’ DVD player. A group of penguin chicks in Suzaka, Japan are proving to be troublesome to their zoo handlers, repeatedly attempting to break out their habitats — and succeeding.

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According to ABC News, two 3-month old chicks from the Suzaka Zoo rode a waterslide to freedom earlier this month. After zookeepers closed that avenue of escape, another chick crawled underneath the fence two days later. That was promptly sealed, but it didn’t stop the little guy from reportedly hopping over the fence on a second attempt.

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Zookeepers ended up finding the chick in a nearby pond and have now decided to keep the birds in an indoor cage for the time being.

All in all, it’s been three attempted escapes in 10 days. If that doesn’t scream penguins with a mission, we don’t know what does.

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Tokyo zoo officials encountered a similar situation when zookeepers spent nearly three months chasing a fugitive penguin earlier this year, which was spending its time happily cavorting around Tokyo Bay.

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