Reading While Eating for August 28: RNC Edition

The Republican National Convention is taking place in Tampa this week, but the lunch links convention takes place here every weekday.

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A Ron Paul for president supporter wears a patriotic hat on the convention floor during the opening session of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, August 27, 2012

VIP News: First things first: download the CNN/TIME Floor Pass to get all of the latest news from the RNC in Tampa. (

Convention Tchotchkes: 22 ridiculous convention souvenirs throughout the years, such as a Jimmy Carter coloring book. (mental_floss)

Country Convention: Watch country singer Lane Turner perform at a RNC sound check. “I built it with no help from Uncle Sam” is one of the lyrics. (BuzzFeed)

Etch A Sketch: This Etch A Sketch belt buckle reminds us of that time when Romney advisor Eric Fehrnstrom used the metaphor of an Etch A Sketch to describe the campaign’s strategy shift from the primary to the general election. (The Daily What)

They’re alive: You’ll grow to love these 10 green buildings covered in vegetation. (Flavorwire). Also while you’re looking at green things, check out our piece about Romney’s energy policy.  (

Vote GOP, Maybe? The Chicago Young Republicans have spoofed “Call Me Maybe.” (NBC Chicago)