WATCH: Arianna Huffington, Pro Masseuse, Rubs Down Joel Stein

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I am amongst the greatest political journalists in history at getting free stuff. But even I was surprised at how amazing the Huffington Post Oasis Spa is here at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. Free meals, free yoga classes, free makeup sessions and most importantly free massages. But the trick to any Convention event is getting VIP treatment. So when I had to choose my masseuse, I asked for Arianna Huffington.

Arianna, it turns out, has the hands of an angel. Just enough pressure to be effective, but not too much to stop the experience from being relaxing. She used just the right amount of lotion, which was made by Bliss spa for the event and flavored a not-too-strong mint. In the spirit of the convention, it was, of course, called “Mint Romney.”

I’ll be back at the Huffington Post spa every day during both conventions. And I will be booking Arianna.

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