Attention! British Troops Unveil Nearly-Naked Salutes for Prince Harry‎

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Prince Harry completed his Apache attack pilot training Wednesday.

After Prince Harry was caught baring it all during a Vegas romp last week, his Army peers have chosen a unique way to expose their support for the 27-year-old royal.

Harry, a Captain in the British military, was snapped sans clothing – albeit in a blurry fashion – in his Vegas VIP suite while partying with a group of similarly-unclothed girls. And while the photos have shocked the world (or at least those not familiar with some of his previous antics) and caused embarrassment for the Royal Family, his brothers and sisters-in-arms are coming to his defense with a full frontal assault of their own.

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Former serviceman Jordan Wylie began a Facebook group last weekend called “Support Prince Harry with a naked salute!” Its membership has quickly grown to 15,000 and has seen many troops getting (mostly) naked in support of the Prince. (The not-safe-for-work Facebook page can be found here.) Service members of both sexes have sent in pictures of themselves using only their firearms, flags, rucksacks or boots to protect their modesty. Among the highlights: a wonderfully-worded “21-bum salute” by members of The King’s Royal Hussars. Keep it classy, troops.

The Daily Mail is showing many examples on its site, which have been posted from as far afield as Afghanistan as well as Harry’s home turf in the U.K. “He might be a royal but he is also a hard-working Apache helicopter pilot and he wants to have some fun. I’m sure Harry will be quietly smiling about the Facebook group,” Wylie told the Daily Mail.

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But while the Prince is likely set for a dressing-down (ahem) when he returns to the Army Air Corps next month, the troops that have shown themselves on Facebook likely won’t receive such reprimand.

“It’s unlikely anyone will get the book thrown at them,” an unnamed Army source told the Daily Mail. “Everyone sees the funny side but there are people at senior levels in the Army who do not consider this to be appropriate.” Yet those senior figures may yet have more on their plate to deal with, as rumors are zooming around the Internet that a video of Harry’s exploits exists. If that turns out to be true, we only wonder: will the troops respond in kind?

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