Angsty Cat Henri Wins Top Award at the Internet Cat Video Film Festival

We hope he can finally be bothered to care.

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The Walker Art Center has pulled off the im-paw-ssible.

They amassed a crowd of more than 10,000 people last night at their Minneapolis museum with the sole purpose of watching cat videos. The event was the first-ever Cat Video Festival, held on the lawn of the museum, according to a press release. A screening of 70 short vignettes ensued, all starring felines. The evening culminated with the presentation of the prized Golden Kitty award, chosen by online voters. The award went to “Henri 2, Paw de Deux,” a film noir-style story about a cat in the midst of an existential crisis. The furry black-and-white is at wit’s end with his human owner — and the other cat that lives under his same roof.

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NewsFeed doesn’t pretend to be clairvoyant (and Henri wouldn’t give us any credit, anyway), but the Camus-like feline was also our top pick in our nominations for the Internet Cat Video Festival. He just perfectly embodies cats’ moodiness and ennui.  He claims he has so much to offer, yet he claims he gets so little attention.

The Cat Video Festival had no such problem, though, receiving more than 10,000 online nominations for cat videos. Awards were presented in the categories of Comedy, Drama, Foreign, Animated, Musical, Documentary, Art House, Honorable Mention, and Lifetime Achievement.

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Cat-video celebrities made an appearance:


As did local celebrities like the Mayor of Minneapolis:


The IKEA in the Twin Cities noted a special affinity for the Japanese cat Maru:


And just some ordinary attendees:


We also noticed at one point this morning, the Walker Art Center’s website was cat friendly: there was a sketch of cat whiskers bouncing up and down the screen that would be enough to drive any cat crazy.

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