Non-Sequitur Alert: Eat a Super Pan Pizza, Get Engaged in New Ad

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Pizza Hut in Malaysia has unleashed a new Super Pan Pizza upon the unsuspecting masses, and it appears to have some interesting consequences.

If anybody remembers the Crown Crust Cheeseburger Pizza from earlier this year, the Super Pan Pizza is like its long-lost Southeast Asian cousin. In addition to toppings unfamiliar to most Western palates (chicken chunks, chicken loaf, caramelized pineapples and red peppers), the crust itself contains cheese and “garlic Napoli sauce” — a red-and-white-striped concoction that oozes out like a squeeze of Aquafresh toothpaste when you bite into it.

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But apparently, the Super Pan Pizza is so amazingly awesome that all you have to do is hold a gushing slice of it to your face to prompt sudden and wholehearted marriage proposals from any nearby gentlemen. So, ladies: approach with caution.

Pizza Hut’s Super Pan Pizza: engagement ring, we assume, sold separately.

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