Now You Too Can Restore Your Own Ecce Homo Fresco

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The original version of the fresco "Ecce Homo" by 19th century painter Elias Garcia Martinez, left, the deteriorated version, middle, and the version restored by an elderly woman in Spain

You probably thought the Internet had finally grown tired of mocking the now infamous botched restoration of a 200-year-old Spanish fresco depicting Jesus. Except, not really, because the restored version is so profoundly ridiculous that it’s still ripe for satire.

Enter the Cecilia Prize, named for Cecilia Gimenez, the well-intentioned Spanish octogenarian responsible for the disfigured painting. After Gimenez noticed that the fresco in the Santuario de la Misericordia, a church in the northeastern Spanish city of Borja, had become a bit shabby over the years she decided to intervene. The new interactive website explains:

The Cecilia Prize for amateur restoration has been created in honor of all the fixers out there. Tweet your entry with #ceciliaprize for your chance to win a poster of the restored Ecce Homo, the painting by the now world-famous Cecilia Gimenez.

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The contest has already yielded plenty of results — several of which are truly genius. Not feeling up to the challenge of creating your own? You can still browse the gallery, powered by Pinterest. Here are a few of NewsFeed’s favorite entries:


A rather realistic depiction of Breaking Bad’s Walter White, this painting still maintains the integrity of the original, keeping Jesus’ posture and facial expression intact.


This depiction of Nigel Thornberry from Nickelodeon’s The Wild Thornberrys isn’t just entertaining, it’s also pretty impressive, artistically speaking. (Gratuitous fun fact: Nigel Thornberry is voiced by Tim Curry.)


Everyone, meet Ecce Jackson. Oh, sweet, sweet sacrilege.


Another entertainer we’re not surprised to see. In fact, we’re surprised there weren’t more depictions of Gaga. (Hint: Get to work, people.)


And of course, no Internet contest would be complete without a nod to viral sensation Nyan Cat.

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