Prince Andrew Abseils Down Europe’s Tallest Skyscraper

The Duke of York descended a terrifying 250 meters from London's Shard building to raise money for charity.

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REUTERS/John Stillwell/POOL

While his brother Charles looks set to one day inherit the British throne, Prince Andrew might want to consider becoming the next skyscraper-swinging superhero.

The second son of Queen Elizabeth II has successfully completed a charity abseil down London’s 1,016ft Shard, the tallest building in Europe.

After completing his descent the Duke of York revealed that things didn’t start out quite so smoothly. He told the BBC: “It was nerve-racking. I think we were in the clouds when we started.

“And I was stepping over the edge, somebody said, ‘by the way, there is quite a lot of condensation and the windows are slippery so you may just slide.’” The Prince admitted “he was right – I just slid for the first, whatever it was, 10 or 15 floors.”

Regardless of how he came down, he raised more than $475,000 by Monday for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund and outdoor educational charity the Outward Bound Trust, for which he serves as Chairman.

Among Andrew’s donors was his youngest daughter Princess Eugenie, who gifted a generous $800 and wrote on his official fundraising page: “Well done papa! I’m so proud of you! Xx”

Andrew was one of 40 participants in the charity event, a group which also included Ffion Hague, the wife of British Foreign Secretary William Hague.

However, only half of the group — Andrew included — were brave enough to attempt the full 250 meter abseil between the 87th and 20th floors of the building. The others stopped at the 78th floor.

For those of you who’d prefer a somewhat more conventional way to witness the Shard’s breathtaking views of the London skyline, public viewing galleries are due to open on February 2013.