Study: How Fast You Drink Your Beer Depends on the Shape of Your Glass

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Marcus Richardson

There is now scientific proof that how fast you chug your beer might entirely depend on what kind of glass you’re drinking out of.

In a study conducted by the School of Experimental Psychology at the UK’s University of Bristol, researchers determined that the shape of a beer glass can affect how quickly you quaff it. A straight-sided highball glass, causes people to drink slower, while a curvy pint glass causes us to drink faster.

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The study, which appeared Aug. 17 in the online journal PLoS ONE, culled data from 159 drinkers in the social experiment. According to the academics, drinking time was slowed down substantially – by almost 60 percent – when the drink was served in a straight glass.

According to CBS News:

On average, it took people drinking beer out of a straight glass 11 minutes to finish 12 oz. Those drinking out of the curved glass only took seven minutes. There was no difference in time for people consuming soft drinks out of either glass.

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Researchers believe that drinkers often had a harder time “judging and pacing themselves with the curvy glass because of the shape,” according to CBS.

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