Of Course You Want to Buy James Bond’s Aston Martin

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Danjaq, LLC and United Artists Corporation / Christie's / Via AP

007's Aston Martin is chased by an Alfa Romero in a scene of the film 'Quantum of Solace.'

Bond’s Aston Martin is up for auction next month at Christie’s — but we’d forgive you if the above image doesn’t convince you to bid. It’s a bit dinged up, dusty and riddled with gashes as it speeds through some winding Italian roads. Granted, the villains chasing 007 at that very moment appear to be simultaneously ramming into his vehicle and spraying it with gunfire. That’s enough to take the shine off of any ultra-luxury dream car. And it’s probably not a good time to tell you that when it starred in Quantum of Solace, the car met a nasty demise at a rock quarry. But, rest assured, it’ll be getting a proper patch-up before you have the opportunity to purchase the vehicle for a jaw-dropping amount of money.

Christie’s has announced a charity auction beginning in late September, with Bond’s flashy wheels, the six-liter V12 DBS two-door Coupe, taking the top billing. The auction set is timed to reflect on a half-century of the British secret agent’s escapades since Sean Connery’s 1962 title Dr. No.

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The entire auction seems tailor-made for the Bond aficionado who wants to collect obscure memorabilia like, say, a made-to-scale replica of the space shuttle used in 1979’s Moonraker (see pg. 62 in the official auction catalogue) or Pierce Brosnan’s two-piece charcoal suit worn in 1999’s The World Is Not Enough (pg. 100-101). Or, because why not: a “Please Do Not Disturb” sign that afforded a modicum of privacy to Bond (and perhaps someone else) in a hotel room in 1964’s Goldfinger (pg. 28-29).

But the crowning jewel of the auction is, of course, the Aston Martin. If there’s any doubt as to the Hollywood blockbuster credibility of the vehicle, please jog your memory by watching the undeniably Bourne-like and awesome (even if you didn’t particularly care for the rest of Solace) opening chase scene. Convinced yet? Sure you are.

So, what would be the going price for this Bond-esque luxury? It’ll set you back roughly $160,000 to $230,000, according to the Christie’s estimate (here, pg 160-161). Kelley Blue Book puts the price for a used 2008 DBS at $156,000. So you might pay a bit of a premium given the car’s prestigious former owner — but maybe some of that suaveness will rub off from the car’s leather seats.

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