Wrap Rage: All Our Food Packaging Frustrations in One Video

Tired of struggling to open that back of chips? You're not alone

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Have you ever found yourself standing in your kitchen, unfathomably frustrated — fuming, even — after several attempts to open a bag of chips that eventually left you with half of them on the floor? Have you ever tried opening a box of cereal or rice, only to realize it’s more secure than Fort Knox?

This phenomenon — that is, the phenomenon of your packaging-induced pain and suffering — actually has a name. It’s called wrap rage, and you know it’s real because it has its own Wikipedia page. It also applies to the hardships of attempting to open toys and gadgets.

The folks over at humor website Pleated Jeans decided to consolidate the most harrowing food and drink frustrations into one minute-and-a-half supercut. Besides eliciting a few chuckles, the video reminds us that when it comes to wrap rage, we’re all in this together. Unless you’re trying to reach the last few chips in a can of Pringles, in which case, you’re on your own.

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