Breeze Beretta Johnston: Yep, Levi Johnston Named His Daughter After a Gun

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Levi Johnston

Levi Johnston and his girlfriend Sunny Oglesby had said earlier this summer that they were going to name their daughter after a firearms manufacturer. Now, it seems like the new dad and ex-fiance of Bristol Palin followed through.

According to TMZ, Johnston’s daughter, Breeze Beretta Johnston, was born on Wednesday morning at Matsu Regional Hospital in Wasilla, Alaska. Photos on the celebrity news website show the smiling family pictured in a hospital room. Meanwhile, Bristol Palin, the mother of Johnston’s son, Tripp, sent over a message to E! Online saying that she sent flowers to the new parents and that she wishes “them the best.”

As to the origin story behind the name of Breeze Beretta, Oglesby and Johnson said this when the duo gave an interview to Inside Edition in May:

You’re having a girl and you have a name picked out?” said [interviewer Jim] Moret.

“Yes,” replied Oglesby.

“And the name is?” asked Moret.

“Breeze Beretta Johnston,” said Oglesby.

“Beretta like the gun, Beretta?” asked Moret.

“Yeah,” replied Oglesby.

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