This Video Is Shot Entirely By Google’s Prototype Glasses

Now you, too, can experience life through the eyes of Diane Von Furstenberg. Thanks, Google!

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Google’s dream of fully-functioning augmented reality glasses is said to be a while away. So, for now, the world will have to settle for what life looks like through a prototype version of Project Glass worn by fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. It appears less like science fiction and more like a promotional stunt, though its still interesting for observers checking in on the project’s progress.

On Thursday, Google’s Project Glass published  this brief clip of what it deemed “the first time any video has been shot entirely through Glass” — giving viewers teaser of the eyesight-level recordings. In this case, it’s Furstenberg’s glasses (and those of other models and stylists) that everyone gets to take a look through.

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So, what do we see? Well, if you’ve ever wanted to have a first-person view of walking down a runway or peering at a group of photographers who are clamoring to take your picture, this video is pretty fun. For those hoping for a glimpse of the glasses’ cooler augmented reality features — like that very futuristic Google video earlier this year showing all the possibilities that Glass might eventually offer users–the clip may not be that exciting.

Still, as Von Furstenberg reminds in the clip’s narration, the sci-fi stuff will probably arrive soon enough. “We live in such an amazing world, things that we thought would be science fiction exist where you can reach everything and everytime and anytime and it goes so fast,” she remarks.

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