WATCH: Cat Sings Along to Collective Soul’s “Shine”

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The dream of the 90s is alive on YouTube, thanks to this cat who has revived Collective Soul’s hit single “Shine.” He meows along with impeccable timing, adding some feline flavor to one of the decade’s most overplayed hits. (Sorry, Collective Soul, we love you, but even you guys must be a bit sick of hearing this song.)

A grain of salt must be taken here: NewsFeed does realize that in this day and age this kitty’s spot-on singing could be the product of some creative editing tricks rather than any innate musical talent or feline spiritual harmony with the guys of Collective Soul. But we’re going to keep the dream alive and ignore that possibility entirely. Because if we can’t believe that the transcendent power of thunderous post-grunge riffs can subconsciously influence cats on YouTube, then what can we believe in?

So, all you skeptics, just let us bask in these 19 seconds of glory. When we first heard “Shine” in 1994, we knew it was missing just a little extra something. Eighteen years later, we’ve found it. Don’t ruin this for us.

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