Seagull Steals Camera, Gives Tourist Inadvertent Panoramic View of SF Bay

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When a seagull flew away with Nathalie Rollandin’s camera, she probably feared all her precious holiday snaps of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge had been lost forever. Little did she expect that she’d not only get her camera back unharmed, she’d also be left with quite literally a bird’s eye view of the coastline.

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But that’s precisely what happened after a seagull apparently confused the 26-year-old French tourist’s GoPro camera for a piece of food and snatched it, still filming.

The seagull soon soon grew bored of the camera (perhaps because it didn’t taste as good as it had hoped) and dropped it next to what CBS News has identified as the St. Francis Yacht Club – but not before capturing 30 seconds of soaring, albeit slightly shaky, views of the San Francisco Bay at sunset.

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Having retrieved the camera in one piece, Rollandin discovered the creature’s surprising talent in film-making and has since shared the footage for the world to admire. Her video has so far garnered more than a million views on YouTube.

As Nathalie said on her YouTube page, “A San Francisco sunset I will hardly forget…”

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