WATCH LIVE: Occupy Wall Street Returns to Zuccotti Park on First Anniversary

Occupy livestreamer Tim Pool is back with the protesters a year after their first demonstration.

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When TIME covered the first Occupy Wall Street protest on Sept. 17, 2011, there were some 3,000 demonstrators in attendance. A year later, those numbers have dwindled “amid internal squabbling, questions over leadership and financial transparency, and what critics called a lack of direction and goals,” as NBC’s Miranda Leitsinger put it.

(WATCH: TIME hangs out with Occupy videographer Tim Pool)

But as TIME’s Nate Rawlings noted as the protests crossed the six-month mark, Occupy was never about numbers: the movement has grown across social media and has inspired at least one congressional candidate, a Super PAC and allied encampments in dozens of cities worldwide. The movement even has its own soundtrack album.

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Tim Pool, a documentarian and activist who has been following the Occupy protests, is live from lower Manhattan where the protesters have returned to the scene of their original demonstration. Follow him at @timcast on Twitter and watch his LiveStream channel at

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