So ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’ Is an Obama Fan

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Actor and Dos Equis pitchman Jonathan Goldsmith

Who’d have thought that the World’s Most Interesting Man also has some interesting political opinions? Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor known for gracing television screens as the most memorable beer pitchman since Spuds MacKenzie, is not just an Obama supporter. On Sept. 18 he’s hosting a fundraiser for the president in Burlington, Vt.

Naturally, the makers of Dos Equis might be a little nervous. An Advertising Age report that aptly describes Goldsmith as “almost inseparable from the character he plays” notes that the Dos Equis brand is facing the inevitable scrutiny on its official Facebook page because the actor backs the president.

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It’s hard to tell if there’s a really substantial backlash on the official Facebook page (Ad Age doesn’t note a  specific decrease in “likes” for the beer brand), or if people are just commenting on the Goldsmith news on the official page because, well, it’s probably the best forum to post pithy remarks about the “Most Interesting Man”.

“His only mistake he ever made in his life was voting for Obama,” reads one comment. “I don’t drink beer, but when I want to read about morons who can’t separate an actor from his job, I’ll come here to laugh about it,” reads another.

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Goldsmith, for his part, has shied away from talking politics in interviews. He’s done quite a few for a guy who shills for a beer company, probably because his personal backstory as (among other things) a mountain climber, high seas adventurer and tech entrepreneur is almost as interesting as that of his fictional alter ego. (See New Yorker, ESPN, Huffington Post, GQ and Popeater for examples.)

But Mitt Romney supporters who are truly disappointed to learn about the Dos Equis man’s political leanings, take heart. Even the World’s Most Interesting Man might quail when faced with the firepower in Mitt’s corner: the world’s toughest anti-Obama activist, Chuck Norris.

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