WATCH: Riding the Bus Never Seemed So Epic

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Ah, the bus. It’s among the least-efficient modes of transportation, second — we hypothesize — only to riding atop some slow-going mammal. (Though we suppose said mammal might be able to traverse New York City traffic even faster than a bus.) Alas, in Denmark, home of some serious pedal power and an extensive train network, the bus needed a bit of a public-relations push — and it’s getting the boost it needs, thanks to an epic advertisement.

We’d forgive you if you thought a spaceship would be coming down the highway in the hyperbolic, movie trailer-esque ad for Midttrafik, a public-bus line serving Denmark’s central region. “The bus driver is cool!” That’s what Midttrafik wants us to think. In fact, not only is the bus driver with the bushy mustache insanely cool, but everything about the bus and the riding experience is, too. Yes, that includes what some could consider minutia — what we once thought of as saliva-stained panes of glass are now promoted as “gigantic panorama windows.” And guess what! There are free handles and comfortable seats, too! (Turn on the Closed Captioning in the bottom right of the video to get all the cool features, if you don’t speak Danish.)

In a new ad created by M2Film for Midttrafik, we are re-schooled in all the obvious functions of a bus, from the fact that it is big and long, to the fact that it drives in its own lane, presented with just the right amount of passion to dupe you momentarily into reaching for your bus pass.

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It’s hard to figure out what their most-lauded feature is. From doing donuts in the parking lot (causing a guy on his motorcycle to spit his water out in amazement) to demonstrating how the bus can drive at night (shocker!): everything is presented with the energy and enthusiasm of a Michael Bay movie trailer. But we were truly sold when the bus driver re-appeared at the end simply to remind us that yep, he is still cool. Yeah, the bus is cool. In Denmark, at least.

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