WATCH: German Man Doesn’t Understand Why Americans Call It ‘Football’

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As everyone knows, there’s the sport Americans know as football and then there’s the sport the rest of the world calls football — i.e., the one you play with your feet. But try explaining that to improbably named German DJ  Flula Borg .

“I do not understand this ‘football’ name in America,” says Borg in a now hugely viral YouTube video. “Where is the foot?”

(PHOTO: Pictures from the World Cup 2010)

Borg, who now lives in Los Angeles, rails against the fact that the American game is named after the part of the body players seem to use least. Just think: how often do football players in the U.S. kick the ball as opposed to soccer players? He then does a little impromptu skit  — and this is really the best part — to illustrate how little actually happens in the American game. Finally, Borg sighs and throws his hands up in the air:

“You have like nine kicks, with the foot. But you are calling it football. Why? Call it something else. ‘Carry-ball,’ or ‘carry-throw-ball-and-sometime-foot-kick-ball.”

“I say change it.”

You know, he’s kinda got a point.

(MORENo, England Did Not Invent Football (Soccer) As We Know It)