WATCH: Hilarious, if Inaccurate, Explanation of Why Cats Are Better than Dogs

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Which is better: cats or dogs? It’s a question that has simmered in contentious debate for centuries. The folks over at BuzzFeed, however, believe they’ve finally settled the argument with “scientific proof” that felines trump their canine counterparts.

In a video laying out the evidence that “science settles the cat/dog question ONCE AND FOR ALL,” cats are depicted as intellectual, highbrow creatures that contribute to society every day (did you know they can design logos for super PACs on a laptop?), while dogs come off as base, simple beings that are, ultimately, a menace to society (they poop on newspaper instead of reading it).

With Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 playing in the background, the narrator comments on a series of images showcasing cats’ superiority: take, for instance, a shot of a group of dogs in a bucket that find themselves “confused, scared, even angry.” The video then cuts to an image of cats, also in buckets. “Alternatively,” the narrator says, “these cats redefine the very notion of bucket or ‘bucketness’ with an impressive combination of brainpower, tenacity and positive thinking.”

Here at NewsFeed, we love dogs. (Because, you know, we have souls.) We also love cats. We also love pretty much all animals. So we’re still not convinced cats are any better than any other four-legged critter. We will concede, however, that this video is utterly hilarious, so even if you might not agree with its message, it’s worth a watch.

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