WATCH: Police Officer Saves Woman from Oncoming Car Just Before Crash

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A quick-moving cop saved a woman from a near-death experience on a Texas highway, and it was all captured on the police cruiser’s dashboard camera.

Earlier this week, police were responding to a minor car accident in Lubbock, Texas when an officer noticed a much larger one about to happen. Just before a van plowed into the scene out of nowhere, officer Philip Standefer leaped into action and pushed the woman out of the way of the oncoming car. The van, driven by a drunk driver, plowed into Standefer’s squad car, according to video footage acquired by local station KCBD, spinning it around and pushing it precisely where the woman was previously standing.  The 26-year-old Standefer and the unnamed woman both ended up on the other side of the stopped car, well out of the way of the hurled vehicle. Another police officer jumped in the opposite direction.

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Standefer suffered serious injuries and was admitted to the hospital but released just a day later. The woman whom he saved escaped with just cuts and bruises.

Peter Keltz, the 23-year-old driver behind the wheel of the swerving van, was later arrested that night on three criminal charges, including driving while intoxicated. He was taken to jail and released a few days later on $55,000 bail.

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