Hey (Irish) Ladies! Is This Canadian Man In Love With You?

Sandy Crocker is seeking true love with a woman he met briefly in a cafe last year.

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A lovestruck Canadian has headed back to the Emerald Isle to seek out the fiery redhead that stole his heart while vacationing last year.

Sandy Crocker, a dentist from Kelowna, British Columbia, is in Ireland for the next four weeks looking for the freckled girl he briefly met in a café in County Clare, the BBC reports.

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Though Crocker’s trip has only just started, he said it’s been a great experience so far and he has gotten a few leads. The response to his trip, he said, has been mostly positive—he has been invited out to dinner, to house parties and has even met a cast member of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

“Right now I’ve done the most I can and it truly, in the end, will come down to fate,” Crocker said in an e-mail.  “I am prepared that she or I may not be right for each other, but I have gone to great lengths to find that answer.”

The 28 year old says that while he has met plenty of attractive Canadians back home he has yet to meet someone that compares to the Irish beauty. Though their encounter was brief—less than five minutes—he describes the woman as being in her mid-to-late 20s with freckles and auburn hair. They met on July 9, 2011 at the An Teach Bia café, the town’s local paper Clare People reports.

Crocker has also been interviewed by ABC and Huffington Post, he told the BBC that Irish bookies are even placing bets about whether or not he’ll meet the one that got away.

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“She was one of those people who seemed the most genuine caring person you’d ever meet,” he told the BBC.  “I stood up and asked for directions and asked for the time – if I had just paid her a compliment, told her she was amazing, I could have put this to rest.”

While many find Crocker’s story touching, there are plenty of skeptics voicing their concern on online forums.

“Forget her, Sandy, forget her,” one such doubter wrote on TripAdvisor. “There are plenty more colleens in the sea, and in fact Canada has a fair whack of them too.”

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