Oregon Burglar Falls Asleep While Robbing a House

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Sean Locke

Here’s a new twist to the phrase “sleeping on the job.”

Cristian Villarreal-Castillo was charged with burglary and theft in Rockcreek, Oregon after apparently falling asleep mid-crime last Friday. A resident stumbled across Villarreal-Castillo sleeping on his kitchen floor in the wee hours of the morning.

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According to The Oregonian:

Upon arrival, the deputies found the residence had been ransacked in an apparent attempt to steal valuables. Deputies believe Villarreal-Castillo entered the residence through an unlocked door but fell asleep while he was gathering items.

Police found other items apparently stolen elsewhere on Villarreal-Castillo, including a GPS system and several electronics. Police believe that the alleged perpetrator had carried out another burglary just hours earlier. It’s unclear what caused Villarreal-Castillo to fall asleep during the failed raid.

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Currently, his bail is set at $100,000.

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