Pitbull Puppy Cam Is Here to Provide Your Daily Cute Break

Go ahead and crumple up that spreadsheet, because you're going to watching these adorable pitbull puppies all day.

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Did you think you were getting any work done today? Think again! Cute puppies are here to romp all over your spirit of productivity — assuming you had one in the first place.

Piggybacking on the success of both the Corgi Cam and the Kitten Cam, the Internet heroes known as Pet Collective have done it again. Just go ahead and cancel that staff meeting right now, because there’s no way you won’t want to spend the day staring into the hopelessly adorable eyes of the stars of the Pitbull Puppy Cam. Or just load it up on your iPhone and covertly gawk at the pups as the conference call drones on. Either way.

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The 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week channel features pitbull mama Hope and her six incredibly cute newborn puppies romping, resting, and running around — basically, they’ll be doing everything that puppies do. What’s not to like?

According to the Pet Collective’s website, Hope’s previous owner left the dog at a shelter when she was pregnant. Hope and her six male pups are all up for adoption now, although the puppies won’t be ready to leave their mother for a few more weeks. But you can start picking yours out now thanks to the camera.

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Though it’s not all epicurean delight, either: there’s a humanitarian side to clicking on the Puppy Cam. Starting today through October 31, the Pet Collective will make a donation to New Leash on Life, a California rescue group, for every new subscriber it receives.

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