Hey Ladies: ‘Gangnam Style’ Workouts Are Headed Your Way

Ride your invisible horse to a slimmer, healthier you!

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Looks like South Korean pop sensation PSY is angling to give Richard Simmons a run for his money. After all, why sweat to the oldies when you can do it “Gangnam Style”?

The incredibly catchy “Gangnam Style” has been viewed more than 274 million times on YouTube. It has been flash mobbed, mashed up and analyzed, but it’s the dance performed by PSY in his video for the viral hit that has piqued the interest of the nation’s enterprising fitness instructors. In the video, Psy rides an invisible horse across the trendy Gangnam neighborhood in the South Korean capital of Seoul. While most of us watch the video and think, “That looks fun!,” personal trainers see a great aerobic workout with terrific leg toning potential.

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Sure enough, the internet is already full of fitness enthusiasts getting their “Gangnam Style” dance on in their own homes or in gyms. Instructors are cashing in on the craze by offering cardio dance and Zumba classes featuring the dance. According to Gothamist, the trend has spread not just around the Internet but to gyms across the country (or at least in Canada), which have begun offering classes in invisible horse-riding, with “some instructors are already offering full-fledged Gangnam Style Cardio Dance” classes.

Richard Simmons, time to saddle up your invisible horse.

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