Pre-Peeled Bananas Incur the Wrath of Humanity

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“Gee, I would enjoy this banana so much more if I didn’t have to take off the peel,” said no one ever.

Now, German-owned grocery chain Billa has the answer to the question nobody was asking: pre-peeled, repackaged bananas.

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That’s right: Billa sells bananas in adopted cellophane-wrapped homes, mercilessly and prematurely torn from their natural (and perfectly fine) casings.

It appears, though, that a lot of shoppers are more than confused by this strange solution to a non-problem. Billa, which calls itself the “common sense” supermarket, took down its Facebook page after it attracted an angry online mob, threatening boycotts and posting enraged comments.

A typical one said that selling ready-peeled bananas in a plastic package was the ultimate symbol of waste and the throw-away society.

A spokesman for Greenpeace in Austria agreed, basically telling the Austrian Times what everyone else was thinking. “If there is an easy to open ready packed food it’s the banana–peeling it only to pack it in environmentally unfriendly plastic is just madness.”

Billa responded by apologizing for the “one off” mistake and stating that it will not happen again.

Besides, it looks like those bananas would be pretty bruised upon purchase.

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