Reading While Eating for Sept. 27: For God and Country

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: Mitt loves Ann, and Google turns 14.

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Jeff Haynes/Reuters

A group of Team Europe golf fans watch along the fourth fairway during a practice round at the 39th Ryder Cup matches at the Medinah Country Club in Medinah, Illinois, September 26, 2012.

Bet You Didn’t Know That, Part 1: BuzzFeed’s Ruby Cramer has 5 interesting charts about the U.S. election, courtesy the FEC. (BuzzFeed)

Mitt Hearts Ann: TIME’s LightBox uncovers a great photo of a young Mitt Romney on the beach. (LightBox)

Bet You Didn’t Know That, Part 2: Google turns 14 today! Did you know the site was originally going to be called ‘BackRub’? Ew. (

Double Threat: Ten great writers who also illustrated their work. (Flavorwire)

Suck It, Aliens! Could a tin foil hat really stop E.T.s/the Government/Ryan Seacrest from reading your mind? Here comes the science. (Mental Floss)

Small Wonders: These tiny, charming art installations by London-based miniaturist Slinkachu have to be seen to be believed. (

Gee, Thanks: The pepper-sprayed student protesters from the University of California at Davis and this meme will reportedly receive settlements of $30,000 each. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Wake the F— Up! Samuel L. Jackson’s long-rumored, insanely profane Obama ad is now a reality. Warning: Video contains Samuel L. Jackson. (Viral Viral Videos)

Live from Afghanistan: This harrowing helmet-cam video was filmed by a servicemember coming under attack in Afghanistan’s Kunar province, according to the video’s YouTube description. The description goes on to say that after moving out into the open to draw the enemy’s fire, the cameraman who filmed this video was hit four times; thankfully none of the rounds penetrated his body armor and he survived with minor injuries. (The Daily