Kids Create Parody Video to Protest School Lunches

Students complaining about being famished take their grievances to the Internet.

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August marked the first month of the Obama Administration’s attempt to get kids to drop some pounds by reducing the calorie count in school lunches. But not everybody’s happy with the Congress-approved meal plan — particularly the kids. One group of high school students in Sharon Springs, Kan., starred in a parody video that has generated nearly 800,000 views since Sept. 17.

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The parody inspired by indie rock band Fun.’s hit single “We are Young,” is called “We are Hungry.” Linda O’Connor, an English teacher at Wallace County High School, wrote the lyrics to reflect the hunger pangs she said students suffered from their calorie-reduced meals. The first verse, sung by 16-year-old Callahan Grund, goes like this:

“Give me some seconds/ I, I need to get some food today/ My friends are at the corner store/ Getting junk so they don’t waste away.”

The video shows students falling down as they become weakened by the lack of food. Some are crawling on the floor; others faint. (Although, they all apparently had enough energy to act and sing in this video.)

The Obama Administration’s response so far? Students should bring their own snacks to school.

“We understand that change is difficult,” Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told ABC. “Some folks love it, some folks have had questions about it, but that’s to be expected when you’re dealing with 32 million children and you’re dealing with over a hundred thousand school districts.”

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