The 5 Best Viral Videos of September

September brings you a crooning cat, daring ducks, and an ongoing crush on President Obama in this month's top viral videos

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By now, it’s common knowledge that cats doing pretty much anything are viral video gold. So is anyone doing PSY’s “Gangnam Style” dance. We pressed play millions of times on videos featuring these two topics in the past month, as could have been expected. But we also couldn’t resist a love song to Obama and even a clip about commuter bus travel in Denmark. But watch the video above to see our five favorite viral videos of September.

The invisible horse dance that rocketed to fame this summer only continued its YouTube climb this month, surpassing LMFAO and Justin Bieber as the most-liked video of all-time and netting more total views than “Call Me Maybe” in about half the time. But this month, it was a video of one of the U.S.’s biggest superstars meeting South Korea’s new superstar that drove us to incessant clicks. It was also an adorable tabby singing along to 90s megahit “Shine” by Collective Soul. We were quite impressed with its on-beat mewing – until we caught wind that the cat was owned by a famous musician.

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But we also found ourselves with a renewed admiration for the bus, a thought that would utterly frighten Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. Though we have to admit our own shock and horror as we watched eight innocent ducklings dodge speeding traffic as they crossed a treacherous five-lane Canadian highway. So, in the rare chance that you haven’t spent quite as much time on YouTube as we have over the past month, we present to you our favorite viral videos of the month.