WATCH: Justin Bieber Throws Up On Stage

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Someone call the CDC, Bieber fever is real.

And who better to display the first symptoms than the man-child himself? Vomiting and retching took center stage (pun intended) during Bieber’s Sept. 29 concert in Glendale, Arizona.

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The pint-sized pop star was performing “Beauty and the Beat” as part of his Believe tour when he suddenly felt ill and was sick on stage. Bieber had to leave the stage twice due to illness, but the music went on–literally.

As the video above seems to indicate (Warning: contains graphic images of Justin Bieber throwing up). His adoring fans didn’t seem to mind cheered him on throughout the concert, according to TMZ.

Bieber sent some tweets after the concert to reassure his fans after the concert and drop a little Anchorman knowledge.



He isn’t the first music star to fight through adversity on stage, though. Lady Gaga suffered a concussion during a show in New Zealand, while Fergie once wet her pants and Ashlee Simpson “had laryngitis” during an SNL musical performance. The show must go on.

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