Obama Administration Blasted as ‘Ineffective’ by that Guy from Creed

Creed frontman and onetime Obama voter Scott Stapp tells 'Fox & Friends' that he's 'disappointed' in the president's leadership, no doubt prompting panic in the White House.

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Attention Barack Obama: If you want to win over America’s crucial grunge-pop vote, you’ve got to start working a lot harder than that. Creed frontman Scott Stapp, who said he cast his vote for Obama over Sen. John McCain in 2008, appeared on Fox & Friends on Tuesday morning, as spotted by The Hill‘s GOP 12 blog, to chat with about why he feels let down with the Democrat this time.

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“I’m just disappointed and had very high hopes and expectations and was really, you know, inspired by President Obama,” the “With Arms Wide Open” singer said. “I still am. You know, he’s an amazing speaker. But I just found his, in my opinion, his administration ineffective — a lot of promises but no real delivery.”

But before anyone begins to contemplate the idea of Creed performing at a Mitt Romney event, Stapp also didn’t seem too enthusiastic about the Republican. “Where’s the plan?” he asked of Romney’s election strategy. He also evoked some bipartisan nostalgia, remarking that he wished there was someone like a Ronald Reagan or Franklin Delano Roosevelt offering a bold plan this election year.

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And now, ladies and gentlemen: Creed.