Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama: Whose ‘Gangnam Style’ Parody Video Is Better?

On the night of the first presidential debate, NewsFeed asks the tough questions

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College Humor (L) ; YouTube (R)

For the first time in the 2012 election, America will get to see its two presidential candidates face off in a debate. Before a live studio audience at the University of Denver, moderator Jim Lehrer will quiz Mitt Romney and Barack Obama on issues relating to domestic policy, the economy and their plans for the U.S.

But the important question — which candidate has the better “Gangnam Style” parody video — has gone unasked. Until now.

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There are very few people who haven’t seen or heard of Korean rapper PSY’s massive viral hit video, “Gangnam Style” (in case you’re one of them, click here, quick), and parodies of it have spread far and wide. So in many respects this was probably inevitable, and both videos have their merits: Smooth-E’s Obama video features dancing replacement NFL refs and an extremely creditable Obama impersonation, courtesy Alphacat. The Romney video, from the fine folks at, is probably the most elaborate PSY parody we’ve seen and looks like it was pretty expensive to make (appropriately).

Barack Obama Style: 

Mitt Romney Style:

[vodpod id=Video.16535004&w=600&h=494&fv=]

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So: Which one is better? Let us know!

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