WATCH: Lady Gaga Throws Up On Stage

It's the new trend, apparently.

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Do Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber share a caterer?

(WATCH: Justin Bieber Throws Up On Stage)

Gaga, in Spain on her  “Born This Way Ball” world tour, doubled over and vomited at least three times during her performance of “Edge of Glory” in Barcelona on Saturday night — the penultimate number of her set.

It was a near ringer for Justin Bieber’s on-stage purging, which happened in Glendale, Ariz. on Sept. 29 during a performance of “Beauty and the Beat.”

Just like Bieber, Gaga somehow continued “singing” while getting sick — but to be fair, she also whipped out some fierce dance moves throughout. And unlike Bieber, she stayed on stage for the duration.

Gossip site TMZ, citing “sources close to Gaga,” reported that the entertainer was suffering from the flu but didn’t want to cancel the show. She’s reportedly doing better now.

Gaga later joked about the incident to her 30 million Twitter followers:

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