Philadelphians Wear More Sweatpants Than Anybody, Says Study

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Meredith Novario / Getty Images

As Jerry Seinfeld might say, Philadelphia is telling the world, “I give up.”

The City of Brotherly Love is known for many things—the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, cheese steaks—but a new report suggests that also leads the nation in casual outerwear. A recent study by Experian Marketing tracked how many sweats were purchased by residents in 209 market areas in the United States and found that Philadelphians tend to keep it casual.

“Philadelphia is the highest ranking when it comes to the mean number of sweats and sweat items that are purchased each year,” John Fetto, a researcher for Experian, told CBS News.

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But worry not, Philadelphians, because Fetto insists you should rock your sweat suits without worrying about being judged by other cities.

“There’s no shame in wearing sweats, I don’t think,” he said to CBS. “I think there are probably plenty of fashionable sweat options that are out there.”

He also suggested that perhaps Philadelphia residents are “more physically active” or “have more activities” that make sweats appropriate.

This is Philadelphia’s second year in a row as the reigning champion of the sweat suit rankings. Hartford, Conn., claimed the second highest spot this year, and Pittsburgh, Penn., found itself in third place.

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