Introducing the Inevitable Twitter Account Dedicated to Paul Ryan’s Bicep

Get pumped. This will totally lift your spirits.

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Gregg Segal for TIME

Now that TIME has published photos of veep-hopeful Paul Ryan pumping iron (you’re welcome, by the way), everybody’s getting pretty pumped about the upcoming vice presidential debate. Or at least, they’re getting pumped about Paul Ryan’s bulging biceps. So naturally, this enthusiasm has manifested itself in a Twitter parody account, with the simple but functional handle @PaulRyansBicep.

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The account, laden with all the expected political puns and commentary about Ryan’s propensity for keeping fit, racked up a few hundred followers within an hour of its first tweet. And NewsFeed suspects (or, at least, secretly hopes) that its popularity will continue to grow with each click of the retweet button. Some of the 140-character-or-fewer gems include:




You get the idea.

The portraits that inspired the Twitter parody appear in this week’s issue of TIME — though they were taken last year. When TIME named Ryan a runner-up for the annual Person of the Year issue in 2011, photographer Gregg Segal honed in on the Wisconsin congressman’s dedication to fitness, and thus resulted this set of workout-themed photos. Ryan’s longtime fanaticism with the P90X workout regimen inspired the collection of images — with his loyalty having boosted the company’s profile and making him a poster Representative for pumping iron. Ryan’s even reputed to have turned on other congressmen to the fitness program.

And now it’s our collective turn to introduce Paul Ryan’s exercise program to the world. Because what would a newly-born Internet meme be without a little interactivity? The folks over at BuzzFeed encourage us to get creative and make our own Paul Ryan beefcake photoshoots. Here’s a little debate-themed inspiration based on the chiseled looks of both of tonight’s debaters (can you tell which image is real and which is fake?):


We expect there to be some strong words — aside from some strong arms, naturally — at the debate tonight.

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