Stella McCartney’s Style Faux Pas (Home Edition)

Stella McCartney's design sense comes under fire.

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Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Stella McCartney arrives at a Stella McCartney fashion show during London Fashion Week, February 18, 2012.

Renowned fashion designer Stella McCartney has recently come under fire for something unexpected: bad taste.

McCartney’s recently listed West London townhouse has been the subject of internet fury, with many charging the 41-year-old fashionista with having a “blah and bland” style, according to the Daily Mail. (You can see the pictures of the property here.)

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The daughter of famous Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has been forced to lower her asking price by £400,000—from £2.9 million to £2.5 million—and some speculate that the vitriol of potential buyers has driven down the price, the Telegraph reports.

The 3-bedroom pad is located in Notting Hill and features a minimalist décor with hardwood floors.  One critic called McCartney’s digs “one of the blandest fashion designer-owned pads I’ve ever seen,” while suggesting that the style icon might want to add a red couch in order to “give it some life.”  A large bathtub in what appears to be living room also drew significant criticism.

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But others have suggested that it’s unfair to judge the house when it’s empty.

Despite the attacks, McCartney will likely be unfazed. Not only has the house received a bid, according to the Daily Mail, but her company, which was responsible for outfitting Team Great Britain during the Olympics, announced record profits of £3.34 million. Additionally, she will still make an impressive return on the property since she originally purchased the residence in 1998 for a mere £695,000, the Telegraph adds.

The designer now lives in a 300-acre estate in Worcestershire with her family, according to the Daily Mail.

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