Amazon’s Binder Pages Flooded With Snarky Romney-Related Reviews

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Katherine Fawssett / Getty Images

Just because this was entirely inevitable doesn’t mean it isn’t utterly hilarious.

Following Mitt Romney’s remarks about “binders full of women” at Tuesday night’s presidential debate, a meme was born. It began, as so many viral sensations do, on Twitter, and soon made its way to Tumblr. Then it popped up on Facebook, and now has reached one of the Internet’s lesser-known but just-as-fertile breeding grounds of snark: Amazon reviews.

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So many different binder options — from the thick and durable to the slim and sleek — mean so, so many opportunities to continue mocking Romney’s comments. If there’s one thing the Internet is good for, it’s providing creative ways to prolong jokes for as long as humanly possible. Witness the customer reviews for the Avery Durable View Binder with 2 Inch EZ Turn Ring, in white.

“While these binders are well made, attractive and reasonably priced,” one user writes, “they are unfortunately too small to put women in.” Another chimes in, “You have no idea how frustrating it is, trying to find a binder that can contain all my various women … If you’re a guy looking to contain a whole lot of women (of any size), this is the binder for you!”

One of the greatest parts of this flood of satirical reviews is the support from fellow jokesters. Thousands of people have flocked to Amazon to declare the responses “helpful” and bump them to the top of the review pages. Sure, some of these pranksters’ reviews have gotten a bit redundant, but there are still a few that really shine. Some examples:

Now, while the “binders full of women” jokes still seem to be flowing freely, the well will run dry eventually. Lucky for us, there’s another debate this Monday, and NewsFeed feels confident that more comments will emerge, ripe for parody. It only remains to be seen where the jokes will surface.

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