Psychic Claims That Steve Jobs Isn’t Having a Nice Afterlife

Too soon?

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Barely a year after Steve Jobs passed away, a psychic is claiming that she’s in contact with the co-founder of Apple, and that all is apparently not rosy.

Reverend Betsy Cohen — named one of “New York’s top 10 psychics” by the extremely unscientific website of pyschic Cynthia Becker — sat down recently with Vice magazine’s Motherboard tech site in an attempt to get in touch with the deceased tech mogul’s spirit.

The results were, er, illuminating. The good news for Jobs is that he’s “not in hell.” The not so good news? Cohen said “he’s had to do a lot of reviewing of his life. Right now he knows the lesson he has to learn, but he hasn’t learned it yet.” Even more worrisome for Jobs is that “he’s trying to get out of this man-made hell that he’s in,” which makes it sound slightly as if he’s been reincarnated as a Foxconn employee.

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So far, so confusing. Cohen continues, stating that when she first managed to touch base with Jobs, she’d had “a rough couple of days.” Cohen said she felt that Jobs was a “very critical spirit,” and had they worked together when he was still on this mortal coil, she would likely have ended up “crying every day.” Considering that Jobs’s no-nonsense approach in the workplace was extremely well documented, you’ll forgive us for not exactly finding this to be the most startling of revelations.

Far better is her comment that there are “teachers” and “guides” in the afterlife, who are attempting to teach Jobs that “survival of the fittest doesn’t actually exist, it’s a made up thing.” Sounds like Jobs wasn’t the only one who’s thinking different.

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