WATCH: Pedestrian Stops Car Chase With Body, Then Walks Away

If DC Comics is looking to cast the next Superman, they shouldn't look much further than this video.

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If DC Comics is looking to cast the next Superman, they shouldn’t look much further than this video.

In a scene seemingly ripped from the pages of a comic book, this video from the Today show features a seemingly super-human pedestrian hindering a car-chase suspect’s careening journey — with his body. The video, which was taken from the dashboard camera of a suspect fleeing a police car, shows the alleged bad guy speeding through the streets, when an unlucky pedestrian gets caught in the car’s careening path. The scene looks like a vehicular manslaughter charge waiting to be filed. But then it takes a turn for the unexpected: the ill-placed street-crosser jumps up onto the hood as the car slams into him, landing on his back. With an explosion of glass and crunch of metal, the driver is stopped in his tracks. Then the apparently made-of-steel pedestrian rolls off the hood, landing on his feet, and simply walks away. All in a day’s work for your friendly neighborhood super-pedestrian. Did anyone check under his clothes for a cape?

According to, where the video first appeared, it was filmed in Russia. Which comes as little surprise, because Russians are seemingly known for their heroic escapes from perilous situations — or simply, their propensity for catching harrowing accidents on dashboard cameras. Just last month a Russian man found himself in a head-on truck crash that totaled his truck and shattered his windshield. And good thing, too, because he was able to swing out of the twisted cab and walk away, scratching his head. The super powers must run in Russians’ blood.

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