Meet CHARLI-2, The Robot That Can Dance to ‘Gangnam Style’

Even if humankind vanishes from the face of the earth, there will still be someone who knows how to do the invisible horse dance.

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Sorry, folks: ‘Gangnam Style’ isn’t going away any time soon. A group of engineering students has now ensured that even if mankind has disappeared from the face of the earth there will still be someone who knows how to do the invisible horse dance.

The latest spinoff of Korean rapper Psy’s ubiquitous single features CHARLI-2, a humanoid robot built in 2011 at Virginia Tech’s Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory. The ultimate goal is for forthcoming iterations of CHARLI to help individuals with physical disabilities cook, clean and carry items.

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But for now, CHARLI is focused on having fun. He may not be riding the most lively invisible horse, but he’s certainly got better moves than some other dancers of his kind, such as the Bieber Bot and Willow Garage’s PR2.

That may be a dubious accomplishment for you humans, but it’s another feather in the 5-foot-tall, 27-pound mechanical masterpiece’s cap. Last year, CHARLI earned first place in the adult-size league at the RoboCup Soccer competition — an event started in 1997 to promote the advancement of intelligent robots — and was dubbed one of the Coolest Inventions of 2011 by TIME and TIME for Kids. He also took home the Louis Vuitton Best Humanoid Award for soccer-playing robots.

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