‘Star Wars’ Speculation: a ‘Skywalker Saga’ Video

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After Tuesday’s shock of Disney acquiring Lucasfilm for $4 billion wore off, all Star Wars fans are left with at the moment are mountains of speculation about what Episode VII of the franchise could look like when the film is released in 2015. Will it be, say, a direct sequel to the events after Return of the Jedi? Or will it mine one of the Star Wars universe’s other fictional time periods, Knights of the Old Republic-style, to create a new saga?

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It’s possible that starwars.com dropped a small hint. On October 30th, the official YouTube page uploaded two videos. The first was of George Lucas talking about the sale of the company with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, who is charged with developing the new films. The second video, above, is a utilitarian edit of the Anakin and Luke Skywalker plot line from the first six films. On the official site, it’s found right below the acquisition news and its labeled: “Star Wars: the Skywalker Saga.”

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The labeling of the video as “the Skywalker Saga” is smart, it paves the way for there to be a new “Star Wars: the _____ Saga” in the future, as Disney said that it wants to be in the  Star Wars business for “for many years to come.” The clip also seems to convey that the loose ends of the Anakin/Luke plot line are all pretty much tied up — so maybe there’ll be a different focal point for the new films. “It’s a very big universe I’ve created, and there are a lot of stories sitting in there,” Lucas said in the Disney announcement clip. Just as long as we don’t get stuck with Star Wars: The Jar Jar Binks Saga. 

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